Frequently Asked Questions
These are just a few frequently asked questions we answer on a regular basis. Please let us know if you have additional questions.

Q: ​​What to expect your first visit?

​A: Once you have located our building at 231 Broadway, you will find us located at the end of the hall, you will enter the lobby and be asked to fill out a clipboard of basic information. Once the clipboard has been reviewed by your therapist you will be taken to your massage room. You will be advised where to put your belongs and your clothing. Most massage types removing clothing is best although if you have an issue with skin to skin contact please let your therapist know. The therapist will leave the room while you undress and you will get onto a table.  Most massage sessions start face down if your therapist wants you in a different position they will say.  Once on the table your therapist will return to the room and will knock on the door first to check and see if you are ready. Once the therapist comes into the room your massage session begins. Small adjustments to the table or linens may be made and the therapist will only remove the sheet where he or she is working (one area at a time). Always in a professional manner never exposing private areas.  You can choose to talk to the therapist, sleep, cry, moan, snore, etc...whatever you like I am sure we have seen it all. As long as you are appropriate we do not mind. You must communicate with your therapist if a massage technique is too deep, tender, painful or they may not know.  After your massage, the therapist will leave the room in which you will dress and return to the lobby to pay.

Q: What is the cost of massage?

A: The cost of massage depends on the length of time you choose and the type of massage you are receiving. You can choose from 30, 60, 90 or 120 minute massage times. 30 minute is $35, 60 minute is $65, 90 minute is $95, 120 minute is $125 unless you want Hot Stone, Sports or Neuromuscular than it is $10 more per session. ​​​You can also add a scent to your massage either a aromatherapy or essential oil for $1 more per scent.

Q: What type of payments do you take?

​A: Credit card, PayPal, Venmo, cash, check and gift certificate

Q: Am I expected to tip my massage therapist?

A: We are of the service industry and it is never expected but appreciated. If you enjoyed your massage and the therapist did their job it is ok for you to add a tip to show them that you appreciated all that they have done.  We often get the question about what is an average tip.  For an hour session our average tip is $10. Appreciated but never expected!

Q: What insurance pays for massage?

A:​​​ At the moment, workers comp. and car and home owner policies do cover massage but ask Alisa about the approval process. Proud to announce more health insurance providers have added massage therapy coverage. Call and check with your insurance company.

Q​​: What types of Gift Certificates and be purchased and how?

A: Easiest way is to call your therapist to either set up a pickup time or order and pay for it over the phone.
Package Deals have been discontinued at this time so no future packages are planned to be sold.

Q: Will massage help with my pain?

A: This all depends on if it is a muscle that is causing your pain.  If you use your muscles on a regular basis they will tighten.  When a muscle is tight it is shorter than a relaxed muscle.  Which means it could be pulling on the bones and any other attachments.  Massage relaxes the muscle and stretches the muscles back out so even if the pain is arthritis (bone related inflammation) the surrounding tight muscles that get relaxed from massage will help relieve arthritis pain. This is just an example. Massage is definitely worth a try and your therapist will be able to tell if there are any muscle issues.

Q: Chiropractic verses Massage

A: The easiest way to explain this is:
Chiropractic think bones and Massage think muscles
A chiropractic will help maintain your alignment and work with bones.
A massage therapist will manually work on muscles.
The two used together is golden. Although many will prefer one over the other it is an ongoing debate. All 3 of our therapists are for the use of both. There are times massage is best and times chiropractic.  Learning to listen to your body will help you determine which place to go. 

Q: What are your hours?

A: Each of us haver are own set schedule. We are available 7 days a week but can only do a set number of massages a day.  Massage is hard work. We are appointment only but take appointments 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Monday thru Friday and Saturday 9:00 to 12:00.  Sunday we are closed and on occasion we will work outside this schedule.  A full time massage therapist usual does no more than 20 hours of massage a week. Sometimes less and sometimes more. We love to help others but to continue to do so we must take care of ourselves too. 

Q: What is our cancellation policy?

A: You must cancel at least 24 hours prior to your appointment time or you may be charged for the therapists lost time.  If you are sick call your therapist and let them know right away. ​​​The time you set your appointment is the time the massage is to start allow time to come and get on the table and use the restroom 5-7 minutes is usually plenty of time.  If you are late it will be deducted from your scheduled time block and you will pay for the full session.  Example: Jane booked a 60 minute swedish massage at 3:00 and shows up in the lobby at 3:06. She still has to get on the table and her massage ends at 4:00 and her bill is $65 plus tax.  Bob booked a 60 minute massage at 1:00 and shows up at 12:56 the therapist is able to start Bobs appointment at 1:00 and end the session at 2:00. Another example is if Sandy comes for her 11:00 appointment and arrives at 10:55 and the therapist can not get Sandy started until 11:02 her massage will end at 12:02 and the time is made up or the therapist will charge a bit less to allow for lost time on their part. It is not our responsibility to remind you of your appointment we do not have a receptionist and we are busy helping others get their massage.​ If you are late and the therapist could dismiss your appointment as a no-show. We usually only wait 5 minutes. If this is your first time here please allow time to fill out the intake forms the average person only needs 5 minutes.

Q: How will I feel after my massage appointment?

​​​A: This all depends on the type of massage you receive. Most people feel some immediate relaxation and release of tension. Some will feel sore for a couple days. Some never feel sore. This all depends on the person. Ask your therapist or tell your therapist if you have concerns or in no way you want to feel sore. Your therapist will be limited in which techniques can be used but could accommodate your request for pressure or massage type change.

Q: Will the massage oils, creams and lotions make me break out?

A: The answer is possibly. The majority of our clients have never had any issue.  Everything we use starts unscented and is for sensitive skin. On occasion we have to switch which product we use. If you have a great concern you can bring a lotion or oil you would like used and the therapist will be happy to use your choice from home. ​​​

Q: When should I not get a massage?

A: Never get a massage when you are sick or are getting sick. Never when you have a contagious skin issue or a health contraindication. Talk with your therapist. If your therapist notices an area of concern they will tell you about it but if you are aware of a rash or wart you must tell the therapist so we can either avoid the area or reschedule your massage.  It all depends.  If you have been around someone who has been sick please wait 14 days before coming in for a massage to make sure you have not contracted something or became a carrier.

Q: Should I take a shower before I come?

A: It is not always necessary, if you are dirty or have been working and you do hard labor as a job it is recommended. Do you want the sweat from your body on your face, head, hands, etc.? Over the years most people come in for massage very clean. ​​​ At this time face massage is prohibited and we are wearing gloves for your massage by a therapist. 

Q: Do I need to shave my legs before I come​​?

A: Please do not worry about your legs. As a therapist until you mention it we really can not tell because we are covering your leg in oil or lotion and unless we touch your legs without we wouldn't even notice.  We do not judge here if you never shave your legs, you are waiting for your next wax treatment​ or your just too busy. We do not care!

Q: Will I get wet in the Aqua Massage Spa Table?

A: No, there is a barrier between you and the water. You will lay on the table much like a regular massage table and the lid will be closed on you and you have button you can push to open it should you need.  You will only remove your shows and empty your pockets.

Q: Is the Aqua Massage Spa the same as a regular table massage?

No, it is not but in some ways much better. It is not detailed like a massage therapist.  But you can set the profile settings to your liking.  You can cover more of the body in a shorter amount of time and the water pressure really gets the circulation going really well.  If you are wondering if it will be right for you ask Alisa she will answer all your questions. 

Q:  How are you keeping me safe with Covid and everything else in the world right now?

A: All of our therapy rooms have locks that only a staff may enter.  Each room is cleaned after every session.  Many changes have taking place as simple as switching out the clipboards to ones that are plastic to wearing masks. We are using CDC approved cleaners as well as using hand sanitizers and regular hand washing to make sure everything is clean when handled.  All laundry is also being washed with laundry sanitizer and baskets are being washed between use.  There are many more changes, please ask if you have any concern or see room for improvement. ​​​​​​​​​​ 

Q: Do I have to wear a mask?

A: Yes to come into our halls and to be present with us yes. We will instruct you on when you can remove it for a specific therapy or face down work.​​