Book Online Aqua Massage Spa Session 10 minute-60 minutes:

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Aqua Massage Spa has been around for many years.  There is no better time to add one to Yankton Therapeutic Massage with the social distancing that is recommended today.  We have 7 preset profiles for your relaxation and therapeutic needs as well as a way to combine them.  You can choose light pressure or intense deep.  There are so many options to make sure we can customize each session. Your room is cleaned well between every session. 

You will find us located in massage room 4 sharing the same space with Yankton Therapeutic Massage.
Yankton Aqua Massage Therapy is a separate business owned by Deb and Mark Winckler of Yankton. 

The Aqua massage spa massage is different but also similar in ways to a regular table massage by a therapist. A massage therapist can only work one area at once and is more detailed.  The aqua massage machine has 36 water powered jets that will work 3 sides of your body at one time.  The jets move up and down your body changing direction and pressure based off of the settings that you have set with your machine operator.  

First Visit:

Bring a mask​


Profile selection with your machine handler.  Will be adjusted after a few minutes if it needs to be.

Ear plugs available upon request.  Sounds like you are in a car wash.

You may listen to your own music on your own device with ear buds or headphones if you bring them. 

Stay fully dressed just empty your pockets and remove your shoes. 

Relax and let the machine massage you! 

Machine handler usually Deb will open the lid of the machine and tell you when to sit up. 

Put yourself together and meet at the reception desk to rebook, settle out and grab a water to start rehydrating. 

One 20 minute session is equal to that of a hour table massage with a therapist. You can feel instantly the muscle relaxation.  (Starting everyone with 20 minute sessions) Appointments after that can be 10- 60 minutes. 



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Yankton Aqua Massage Therapy